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Raster Foundry is an open source tool for finding, analyzing, and publishing geospatial imagery on the web.


What can you do with Raster Foundry?

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Organize your data

Spend more time analyzing data and less time wrangling it, whether you are monitoring areas of interests with the most recent available satellite imagery or managing a trove of your own drone imagery.

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Unlock hidden patterns

Use simple, visual tools to build your own custom remote sensing algorithms, or search from a library of common operations like NDVI, NDWI, EVI, SAVI, and more.

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Join a growing community

Raster Foundry is an open source, openly licensed tool used by a variety of organizations—including NGOs, government agencies, enterprise-scale companies, and startups. With Raster Foundry these organizations own the work they produce and the data they bring.

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Organize your data

The most basic task of searching through, visualizing, and sharing data has become a challenge. Raster Foundry is an out of the box imagery catalog that makes it easy for organizations to make all of the geospatial imagery they use available in one place, and easily shareable across multiple teams.

  • Search through massive imagery datasets, both public and commercial
  • Upload your own data and control access permissions across your organization
  • Share imagery publicly as a map service and integrate it into your website or app
  • Download imagery locally

Unlock hidden patterns

Analyzing geospatial imagery has historically only been possible for experienced analysts and engineers— Raster Foundry makes it possible for anyone to experiment with building custom algorithms or applying existing algorithms to imagery they want to analyze.

  • Search through a library of common algorithms like NDVI, NDWI, SAVI, and more.
  • Build your own custom algorithms using a visual interface
  • For advanced users, use the Python client or REST API directly to bring analyses into your own workflows and dashboards
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Join a growing community

Earth observation data is cheaper and more plentiful than ever—but the tools to work with it are still complicated, expensive, and proprietary. Join a growing, global community of people trying change that.

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