Publish satellite and aerial maps in minutes, not days.

We help you find, combine and analyze earth imagery at any scale, and share it on the web.

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Browse the whole world, updated constantly.

Find free and timely imagery of anywhere on earth by searching popular open data sets like the Landsat and Sentinel archives.

Publish and share maps with a click.

Share web-optimized maps easily in our interface or embed them in your own site. You can also include them as layers in your favorite annotation and analysis tools like ArcGIS Online, CARTO, and Leaflet.

Process earth imagery fast.

Whether you’re working with data already accessible through our platform or uploading your own, we do the heavy lifting to make processing your imagery go quickly no matter the scale.

Browse public data

Access free and open imagery datasets from all over the world. Search Landsat 8, Sentinel-2, MODIS, and NAIP imagery by date of capture, cloud cover, spatial resolution, spectral bands, and other criteria.

Stitch together imagery

Use our mosaicking tool to create seamless maps out of individual images from a single source or several disparate sources. Build mosaics with ease by selecting images and defining Z-index priority.

Ingest your own data

Bring your own drone, manned-aerial, and satellite imagery into the Raster Foundry with a few clicks. Import data from local files, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Build an analysis pipeline

Develop custom algorithms to extract information from your imagery and define automated pipelines to analyze your data. As new data is added to Raster Foundry, automatically apply your algorithms, publish the results, and receive alerts.

Edit and iterate quickly

Use our custom band combination, false color, color correction, and analysis tools to adjust the look and feel of your maps or highlight unique aspects of the imagery.

Integrate with our API

Give your users additional data and functionality by leveraging our API. Take full advantage of the power, speed, and scalability of the Raster Foundry platform in the context of your own application.

Building basemaps for the web doesn’t have to hurt.

Maps are meant to convey meaning, but most maps on the web rely on outdated or proprietary imagery. Raster Foundry makes it easy to create your own basemaps – on your own terms.

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